Friction Type Torque Limiter

Friction Type Torque Limiter

 FeaturesUbet CZPTry Torque Limitmer

In situation of sudden loading, over loading or power off in transmission program, Ubet Torque Limiter will slide immediately to shield the gear. When the loading occur again to typical, the device will instantly function again with no modifying or environment. Ubet Torque limiter operates through the spring mounted upon the friction facing. The sliding torque can be preset by altering the nut or bolt. The torque limiter can be sued matching with the middle areas clamped carefully in between tow friction faces, this kind of as sprockets, gears, pulleys or flanges.

Evaluating with one particular-time protection pin program, Ubet Torque Limiter operates in line with appropriate spring loading and surface pressure to ensure the comparatively more time sliding time, recovering the presetting, and more time and continuous defense as effectively.Ubet Torque Limiter is commonly used in baking, bottling, foodstuff processing, machine device, substance dealing with, mining, packaging or printing industries. 

one.      precise overload protection
2.      straightforward guide adjustment
3.      manufacturing unit torque setting accessible
four.      bored to suit for straightforward set up

Measurements and sorts:

Item No. Internal Diameter Outter Diameter Torque Assortment (Nm)
UTL50-1 8-fourteen 50 2.ninety four-9.eight
UTL50-2 6.86-19.six
UTL65-1 10-22 65 6.86~571-8822571/8822 0571 .44
UTL65-2 13.seventy two-fifty three.nine
UTL89-1 seventeen-25 89 19.6-74.48
UTL89-2 34.3-148.96
UTL127-one 20-forty two 127 46.08-209.seventy two
UTL127-2 88.2-420.42
UTL178-one 30-64 178 115.64-569.38
UTL178-two 223.four-1087.8
Variety 1 refers to 1 disc spring assembled Sort 2 refers to two disc springs assembled.

Friction Type Torque Limiter