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large dimensions EPT feeEPTpaperbaord EPT EPT printer slotter EPT for sale

A .The composition of the EPT EPT and the functionality qualities of the EPT EPT

1. The EPT EPT adopts personal computer PLC software to control every printing device and slotting and die-minimize period adjustment, which is convenient and trustworthy.
two. The EPT EPT wall panel and EPTant parts are treated with getting older and tempered to get rid of metal inside stress all are manufactured by higher-precision machining cEPTr and CNC grinding EPT. All EPT rollers are made of high-high quality steel, large-precision laptop dynamic stability correction hard chrome plating, floor grinding.
three. The EPT EPT is manufactured of 20CrMnTi large-good quality alloy steel and is ground by warmth therapy. The tooth surface Rockwell hardness is HRC52-56, and the color registration precision is higher.
four. Each unit of the EPT EPT is EPTly separated, pneumatically locked, and pneumatically overall locked to ensure the security of the device. It keeps ringing warning when strolling to make certain the protection of operators.
five. The products is geared up with an emergency end change prior to and after.
six. The EPT EPT is geared up with global well-known brand names, the EPT EPT is reset to zero, the wiping memory and preset perform, the printing slotting die-cut stage is zero, the section pre-adjustment and the wonderful adjustment purpose make the printing slotting die-cut period adjustment time Shortened and substantial precision.
seven. Utilize the keyless relationship ring to get rid of the hole EPTd by the conventional relationship and preserve the printing colour for a EPT time.
8. The EPT EPT lubrication technique adopts spray-variety computerized lubrication and installs anti-leakage and oil leakage mechanism.

B .The main technological parameters

Model Unit ZYKM2536
EPT roll diameter:(incEPT plate thick six) mm cent820
EPT roll size mm 3600
Inside of the EPT width mm 3900
Functioning speed piece/min 80
Max.pringting location mm 2500 times3600
Max.feeding size mm 2560 times3700
Skip.feeding measurement mm 2760 times3700
Min.feeding size mm 550 times950
Adapt to cardboard thickness mm two.5-12mm
Wall panel mm 60mm

printing plate roller

one) Print plate roll outer diameter #1092808 mm ltincXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. plate thickness outer diameter #1092820mm gt
2) The printing roller is created of high-top quality thick-walled seamless steel pipe, the floor is tough-poEPTd with hard chrome and the computer is well balanced.
3) The reel is mounted on the facet and locked on 1 facet, which can make the hanging variation precise, convenient and quickly.
4) Complete version of the hanging groove, appropriate for 10mm hanging strips.
5) When loading and unloading the printing plate, the electric management of the foot change is hassle-free and fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble.

Slotted device

one) The upper strain wheel is covered with polyurethane to protect the plasticity of the cardboard from harm. The stress wheel hole dial is manually adjusted, and the dial screen adjustment info.
two) The slotting knife has a width of seven. mm. Alloy metal substance, heat-handled grinding toothed slotting knife. EPT-piece trimming knife with sharp edge and high precision.
three) Manually change the hole of the slotted instrument holder, and the dial displaEPTthe adjustment info.
4) Slotted section adjustment mechanism, planetary EPT design. It adopts PLC computer and button dual program manage, electric EPT 360 diploma adjustment (procedure and cease can be altered).
5) the upper and reduce slotted seat, the traverse structure of the decrease creasing wheel on the force line, the aXiHu (West Lake) synchronous electric adjustment, and the precision direct screw make the movement more fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble and accurate. It adopts PLC pc and button dual program management.
six) The heigEPT of the box is adjusted to the planetary EPT structure, and the electric powered motor is synchronously modified. It adopts PLC laptop and button dual system manage.
7) The outer diameter of the upper slotted shaft is #1092240 mm, and the outer diameter of the decrease slotted shaft is #1092190 mm. The high-quality thick-walled seamless steel pipe is utilised, and the floor is tough-poEPTd with tough chrome and the laptop dynamic stability is corrected.
8) The outer diameter of the creasing upper and decrease roller is #1092110 mm. It is created of high-quality thick-walled seamless steel pipe, and the surface area is tough-poEPTd with hard chrome and corrected by personal computer dynamic balance.

Die chopping device

1, one,die mould roll (lower roll)
one) The outer diameter of the die mould roll is #1092772.4mm (without having die)
2) Solid steel substance with wonderful surface and challenging plating.
three) Equilibrium correction to enhance operational stability.
four) The length in between the screw holes of the die holEPTis fifty mm instances 52.78 mm.
5) The relevant die heigEPT is twenty five.4mm.
two, EPT pad roller (higher roller)
1) The outer diameter is phi643.95mm
two) The surface of solid metal substance is floor and challenging chrome plated.
3) Stability correction to enhance operational steadiness
four) Manually adjust the gap among the die and the die.
5) EPT Pad thickness eleven.four mm (outer diameter phi666.75mm)
6) EPT horizontal 40mm, swimming device.
one, 2, functioning features
one) The die mould roller and the rubber roller are routinely disengaged by the cylinEPTeccentric gadget unEPTthe situation of no die cutting, which can minimize the no-load load of the EPT and proEPT the existence of the outstanding rubber and the die.
two) Planetary EPT construction, same as the printing division.
3) The die-minimize period adopts PLC, touch EPT control and electric EPT 360 deg adjustment (can be modified each in operation and stop).
four) Undertake PLC, touch EPT handle electric EPT adjustment lateral displacement, adjust the distance to the left and rigEPT 10 mm.
5) The EPT is geared up with an superb glue correction gadget, which can be utilised after recurring corrections of the rubber roller. 600-800 million moments can be utilised unEPTnormal situations, which can drastically reduce the EPT of use.
6) Die-casting metal substance, area complete, hard chrome plating. Balance correction to improve operational steadiness. Relevant die heigEPT twenty five.4mm.
EPT template thickness 16-18mm (for three-layer board) seventeen-15, 3mm (for 5-layer board)
7) EPT pad alloy structural steel Seamless steel pipe material surface grinding, hard chrome plating. Harmony correction, elevated operational steadiness, mechanical lateral 40mm swimming unit. EPTrove the existence of the die-cutting pad.
eight) The die mould clearance is altered by a self-locking mechanism.
nine) The rubber pad roller is outfitted with a mechanical speed big difference compensation unit. The large torque in accordance to the overrunning clutch can make certain that the line pace is regular with the die roll soon after the rubber pad rubber pad is repaired, so that the dimensions of the die-lower carton of the exact same specification is the very same.

  in Culiacan Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Automatic High Speed Corrugated Paperboard Printing Slotting Die Cutting Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Culiacan Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Automatic High Speed Corrugated Paperboard Printing Slotting Die Cutting Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler